Internationaal Verhuurd Vastgoed

Greece European Visa Program

For its European residency investor visa Program Vondellaan Vastgoed has selected your most secure and profitable entrance into the European Union (EU).


The Greek program offers the lowest real estate investment level of any European residency scheme. It is also the best program for families. In one single transaction, you may include your spouse, children and parents in your personal EU visa application.

Please consult the official government information (in English) for official government information:

In Greece, a minimum local real estate investment of EUR 250,000 is required to obtain complete freedom to travel to and throughout the EU Schengen visa zone without further visa applications. The property can be either residential or commercial. Our local experts will guide you through every step of the 2-month application process.

Our investment objects are fully adapted towards your visa investment requirement needs. Once you have decided upon a property investment, we assist you on your behalf with opening a local bank account. To this end, you will supply us with a power of attorney, outlining all legal steps to be taken in the acquisition and application process.

The application and transaction costs will amount to EUR 20,000. In addition, you pay a value added tax of 24% on the property acquisition. Once you have established residency, Vondellaan Vastgoed can provide you the assistance you need to extend your business to any other place within the European Union.

Through our local partners Pattas Real Estate, we have selected a location for a ready-to-built project on Rhodes, Greece. Selecting this project will provide you with a secure and unencumbered freehold title of EUR 250,000 in real estate in your own name, as well as with a steady pre-tax quarterly income of 8.5% per annum in EURO for the duration of your visa requirements.



Greece is expected to welcome a record 32 million foreign travelers in 2018 – up from just 6.2 million in 1998 and 15 million in 2010. No major European destination has seen a bigger increase in visitor numbers this decade.

The population of Rhodes, according to the latest census, amounts to 117,000 inhabitants. It is the main island closest to Turkey. The inhabitants of Rhodes speak except from the Greek language mostly English, and many of them know other languages like German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian and others. Rhodes has an International Airport (Diagoras). The port of Rhodes fulfills all the specifications, thus making the island of Rhodes an entry or exit point for cruises in the Mediterranean.

Bardos Project

The Bardos Project at Rhodes consists of:

  • 1 parcel of land, in full ownership of its developers
  • 1 worked out plan for development as outlined below
  • 1 fully operable, unconditional national building and developing permit
  • 3 individual units ready for long- or short-term lease or for proprietary use

In its immediate vicinity, multiple similar projects have been successfully concluded as can be seen to the south side of this property.

Neighboring project and Mediterranean view from the Bardos project

Current view of the designated site for the Bardos Project

Outline of the plan and projected project of the Bardos building permit

Seaside view from the South of the Bardos project

Seaside view from the North of the Bardos project

Birds’ eye view of the northern property within the Bardos project

The projected annual yield for the development and exploitation of the Bardos project is at present in EURO valued at 8.5% per annum, per project. Vondellaan Vastgoed will advise you on all project particulars in order to obtain this projected yield with relative ease. You will receive quarterly updates as to the development and profitability of your project.

Within one year of your investment, gross yield would cover all legal costs for your application procedure for you and your family members. Within four years, you will also have covered the value added taxes on the acquisition of your property. After seven years, you will have obtained full residence status and be allowed to sell the property, thereby gaining possible additional benefits should the property increase in value after depreciation, inflation and applicable costs and taxes levied. In addition to the visa for you and your family, you recuperate your initial investment fully and may be expected to gain an additional EUR 90,000 in exploitation results for the property, resulting in a gross yield of over EUR 9.800 per annum.